Uganda Lobby Day

Thanks for taking the time to visit us today here at Uganda Lobby Day. We would be nothing without the loyal followers of our blog so where better to thank you in advance than here on our main page.

Now that we've done that, we'd also like to take the time to let you all know what our intentions are going forward with UgandaLobbyDay. The aim is simple really - To provide our readers with a one stop go to source for all the latest news, events and off-topic niches from around the world by condensing them into one specific location - Uganda Lobby Day.

Some of the areas we may cover will most likely not appeal to absolutely everybody, but we try our best to reach out to as many differnt likes and interests as possible, so if you can't find the topic that appeals to you just yet, then please bear with us - We're on the case!

We're presently working on re-uploading a whiole bunch of our original site's content material which regretably was hacked by some hacking organization at our previous hosting provider, so when we are able to restore that original material we plan on celebrating with a competition or two for our readers!

So have a little patience and please follow us on facebook, twitter, linkedin or pinterest and stay tuned for our UgandaLobbyDay upcoming competitions!

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